What have we done?

As you can imagine, with a 30-year history of innovation, we could fill entire web sites with our work. Instead, we’ve got a handful of snapshots of projects over the decades that demonstrate some of the wide variety. Each of the projects below resulted in new patents for the customer based on our work.

Note that we are serious about keeping customer proprietary information confidential, so many details are left out. If you’d like to learn more, contact us!

Era: 1980s
Project: Motorcycle Burglar Alarm

A large consumer products company that serves the motorcycle industry wanted an alarm that would be totally silent, but which would send a page to alert the owner that their bike was being taken. CGI developed a unit with RF transmitters and receivers and advanced software.

Era: 1980s/1990s
Project: Custom Burn-In Testing

When a major electronics manufacturer approached CGI to handle burn-in testing, they had a problem: the ovens to do it hadn’t been invented. So we went to work, designing and building custom burn-in ovens with extensive monitoring. With the CGI burn-in testing, a single unit with 100 parts could have each individually monitored during testing to find and isolate potential points of failure.

Era: 1990s
Project: Buried-cable Location

In a world of analog detection tools, CGI developed one of the first intelligent digital buried-cable or pipe location tools. Designed to find everything from underground power lines to water lines, the digital detectors had an analog smoothness to them that made transition easy, resulting in products with a long run in the marketplace.

Era: 1990s
Project: Automatic Towing Braking System

CGI developed a wireless braking system that would sit in a car being towed behind another vehicle. Using a combination of intelligent software, electronics, and RF, the towed vehicle could be remotely controlled automatically (using its own brakes). The front vehicle could turn the system on or off manually and make adjustments, all remotely and wirelessly.

Era: Current
Project: Advanced Surgeon’s Microscope

In consultation with a surgeon, CGI has developed the electronics for a hospital-quality microscope with advanced optics, complete footswitch remote control, and personalized presets for individual physicians. This next-generation product will be introduced into clinics and hospitals worldwide shortly.

Era: Current
Project: Intelligent Electrical Devices

CGI has developed an entire line of electrical devices that intelligently detect loads and adjust accordingly, eliminating the risk of electric shock and injury. From electrical outlets you can stick your finger into to cables that can’t be overloaded and fried, CGI has again solved real-world problems with innovation.

These projects may seem very different, but there are a few things in common: CGI used its hands-on leadership to solve a tough problem through innovation. Since our early days as a pioneer in the region, those things haven’t changed.