About Circuit Graphics, Inc.


Circuit Graphics, Inc. (CGI) opened its doors in 1980 as one of the first circuit board design companies in the region. In those early days, board design was the main focus: first using low-tech tools like tape-up on mylar and photo reduction to film.

Then computers came along, and we at CGI jumped on board right away. Soon, we spun off the circuit board design business and beginning in the late 1980s, we focused on our primary loves: designing entire products (often, including circuit boards along the way) and creating new intellectual property for customers.

From the 1990s until today, we just keep expanding our capabilities. First, we added software support, including embedded systems. More recently, through our in-house prototyping equipment, we handle assembly and packaging.

Our circuit board capabilities keep growing, too, including surface-mount device design and similar construction with solder paste technology.

Today, we handle everything from initial design through prototyping and testing and pre-release details. And the patents keep on piling up.

Our Founder

Mark Walker, founder of CGI, is the ultimate Silicon Forest success story. He began with a degree in electrical engineering from Oregon State University. While there, even as an undergraduate, he was doing product improvement and innovation for the electronics industry. His work led to one of the first autocorrelation null detectors, increasing accuracy by over 400%.

From there, Walker went to Tektronix, then the giant of the region (and the industry). Over a 14-year career there, he led engineering groups that topped departmental profit and innovation charts. His success there took him into a business analysis role, advising the company about which groups and projects would be successful.

But Walker wanted more. He could see that the growing Silicon Forest of the late 1970s would need infrastructure, and he wanted to help supply it. So he founded CGI, initially to meet the circuit board design needs of the region. And the rest is history!

Today, in addition to his work at CGI, Mark is a frequent presenter on electronics design. For decades, he has served on the board of the largest emergency services radio organization in Oregon — including nearly ten years as president. He lives with his family in Hillsboro, Oregon.